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Event planning, coordination, & styling

Ready to celebrate the best day of your life?

Completely stress-free and focused on what matters most—the love you two have for each other and those you care about?

Styled cohesively—yet thoughtfully curated to match your style as a couple?

Organized with a timeline from your wedding day pro-turned-BFF that could whip even Vince Vaughn in to shape?

Void of YMCA-like tunes?

Filled with lush florals, textured napkins, and killer signage?

Settle in because you’re about to enjoy planning almost as much as your day. We think you’ve found your wedding day girl gang.

Every Detail Taken Care Of

We love that we get to be a part of such a fun process that leads to such a sacred moment. We dive into the details, review your contracts meticulously, problem solve, and ensure no element is overlooked. We want your wedding to be about you--to encompass who you are and the people, things, and places you love. Our goal in design is to capture who you are as a couple...and to blow your mind a little bit.

Save Your Date With Us

We want you to look back on your wedding day with the most amazing memories—we will have your back and create a day that looks flawless and is run beyond smoothly every step of the way. We want to melt away your stress and allow you to enjoy this process and gain more out of it than you ever imagined possible, because it only happens once!

Expertly Coordinated, Designed, & Executed

Peruse the memories we are so proud to have helped our amazing couples create!

Find Inspiration For Your Event

These are our people, thoughts, and musings. The love stories we are honored to witness and the moments that we treasure. We kind of love what we do and we think you might too!

Your Wedding Day Girl Gang

We make sure the DJ knows how to pronounce your new last name flawlessly, the lights are dimmed while everyone hits the dance floor, your ceremony goes off without a hitch, and the napkins are folded exactly to your liking (and we're checking it twice). No new friends doesn't apply here—because we honestly, truly care about you having the best day of your life.


For me, as I reflect on the year we took to plan our destination wedding to the day of the wedding, I can honestly say hiring Crowned Events for full service planning + design made the planning process a dream. I had ideas about what I wanted but I honestly didn’t have the slightest idea where to begin putting my “pinterest boards” into a reality. I knew a handful of things I wanted – for it to be sentimental, to surround myself and support vendors that truly loved what they did, to enjoy the day everyone warned me would be over in the blink of an eye, a tented reception space, time with my husband at our wedding. (Most people will tell you they never saw their groom or bride the majority of the wedding) They went above and beyond to deliver all of those things. I hesitate to even call Jessica patient because it was truly like she was unphased by every stressor that was thrown her way – our guest count went from 130ish to potentially 250+, my mother (sweet angel) can be extremely overly meticulous and very difficult to deal with, and I struggled to put into words the vision I hoped for my wedding day. Again, she didn’t seemed phased by any of it. Whenever I said “no” to an idea, there was never once any push back. Whenever I could not make a decision, Jessica gave me logical advice about each option and let me decide based on what I thought was best. And whenever I couldn’t decide and I asked them to decide for me, I was ALWAYS blown away by the end result. These girls know how to hunt for a deal too. There were little details and elements of the wedding that I wanted to happen but couldn’t justify spending the money for, but they found a way to make it happen under reasonable means. I’m emotional writing this because I know this experience is rare. I know wedding planning can be difficult and tiring and frustrating. But that was honestly not the experience for me. And I could attribute it to the fact that Jessica, her team and I are compatible, but I really think it comes down to the type of service, passion, and people who make up Crowned Events. Jessica has put together such a special team of women. I often hear women talk about how they would have done x, y and z differently. I wouldn’t have done one thing different and that is solely because of Crowned Events. The only thing I miss is interacting with people who truly put their all in to what they’re doing. They equipped me with so many options and reliable, honest feedback to choose the BEST team of vendors I could have ever asked for. They made me feel sane and chill when I felt overwhelmed or lost. They never harped on it or made me feel bad but I know 1000% that amazing team of girls was bending over backwards, over working them selves to deliver the most memorable experience ever. And I really feel like it wasn’t for any other reason than they are passionate about what they do. They’ve perfected the art of wedding planning. Thank you again, Jessica, Camille, Sammy, Zion, Kyra, Ali, and team. I wish you nothing but the best <3 -Summer P.

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